Setting up an office space is not easy task. There are lot of elements that you have consider while considering an office space. Short term or long term if one is looking for an office space in Bangalore it would be wisest to go for a fully serviced office space. Here are the top reasons why your business needs a fully serviced office space.

  • Easy transition
  • Setting up an office for first time or no, it takes time to slip into a new office. This could cause some deviation from the important day-to-day tasks of the business. Time consuming tasks like choosing the location, center, setting up the space, furnishing and interior, and all of the other procedures can be very tedious and time-consuming. Most of them so not have the luxury of stability to be able to spare this amount of time and resources to set up an office.

  • Flexible agreements
  • You might need office space for a year or for 5, modern day fully service offices like 315Work Avenue provides flexibility in the lock in period. Traditional commercial leases are commonly three to five years, but can go much longer depending on the customization extended or the number of space agreed on. This can work against people who are looking for space of their choice for a period they have in mind.

  • Cost effectiveness.
  • Elements like maintenance, cleaning, furnishing the space, and several other costs that can add to your expense can be avoided by a coworking space. With well-planned share resources and services, with a coworking space one can save on administration cost. With a fully serviced office you end up saving close to 30% of the administration cost.

  • Work with different professionals from various field
  • In addition to having a hassle free experience, a coworking space also acts as a platform for networking and building connection between liked minded people and businesses.

  • Customized office
  • 5 member team or 5000 team, in a coworking space you are treated the same way. The space is customized for your needs and the end to end services are met.

  • Pay for What You use.
  • When you take a coworking space, you are generally pay for what you use and nothing at all for the for the space that you would not, should you upsize or downsize the team then still you pay for the stuff you use only. Paying for spaces that you do not use would be a bad investment. A partner that allows you such flexibility like 315Work Avenue is wise investment for the future.

  • Top notch amenities
  • The resources, network available at a fully serviced office space is generally upto date and swanky. You have the benefit of using them while the office provider keeps them updated and serviced. The place is cleaned up and serviced well.

  • Multilocation and prime location
  • The advantage of coworking office is that the location of your office can be a very prominent place in the city which is a very important factor in the success of your business. Fully serviced offices are often found in prime locations in business districts. With serviced office space, you are likely to be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can network.

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