Most of the time, employee productivity and employee engagement are synonymous. An engaged workforce offers the best output to the company. An exciting correlation between the two has been discovered by insights from the Workplace Research Foundation. Almost 40% of engaged employees are among the most productive!

A rewarding work environment is a requirement for HR managers. Employee happiness and satisfaction are also critical drivers of productivity. According to Qualtrics, happy employees tend to stay at their companies five times longer.

Productivity can be driven by a diverse range of factors. A disengaged and unhappy workforce is the result of a burdened, unheard, and unwelcome work environment. While remote working opportunities and vertical industries are on the rise, it is still imperative to cultivate an ideal work environment.

The task of HR managers has become more complex because remote employees’ productivity needs to be sustained. Again, when it comes to remote working, the best environment is one that encourages, is empathetic, and inspires. The working environment has a lot to do with the factors that influence high engagement and productivity.

In this way, they can foster an environment that allows people to be their best selves and come up with innovative solutions to overcome insurmountable challenges. This blog will elaborate on how people at WorkAvenue315, shared office space in Bangalore feel about the work environment and productivity!

Workplaces with a Positive Work Environment Experience Lower Absence Rates!

There is no doubt that absenteeism impedes productivity for individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole. Of course, employees deserve genuine leave and entitlement. Authentic cases call for no objections from the organization and instead, it should be supportive! Nonetheless, the environment at work may cause employees to miss work frequently as well. There are many other reasons for absenteeism, including harassment at work, disengagement, burnout, and anxiety.

Prachi Mehrotra, Founder of WorkAvenue315, an office space rent in Bangalore points out, “HR Managers should aid employees affected by the negative work patterns by identifying them, and rectifying it. Assuring employees will allow them to stay at work so they won’t be stressed or fatigued at work.”

Over 60% of workers report being burned at work, according to CareerBuilder. A decrease in productivity and a rise in absenteeism are inevitable when this occurs. So if a working environment offers better ways for employees to manage their stress, more favorable scenarios are possible!

A Positive Work Environment Fosters Innovation and Creativity!

In a dynamic term, employee productivity requires creative vision to be taken to new heights. A creative perspective can also contribute to the success of the organization. The greatest obstacle to success in the modern world is not following the crowd, but thinking outside of the box. Creative ideas are difficult to inspire without a free exchange of ideas among employees. It will be impossible for them to be inspired if they do not feel they belong and believe their ideas are valuable.

In a sense, innovation becomes synonymous with a company culture that values employees, empowers them, and lets them exercise creative freedom. Creative competence is regarded as the most critical skill in the work environment, according to LinkedIn Learning. A conducive working environment is essential to this skill being able to breathe and contribute to productivity.

Vidya Karnam, Brand Strategist at WorkAvenue315, a coworking space in Bangalore exclaims, “Working environments should foster an atmosphere in which employees are naturally motivated to express creativity and innovate in everything that they do!”

The Takeaway!

The work environment has a significant impact on employee productivity. The feeling of safety, appreciation, and support empowers employees to put their best foot forward!