315Work Avenue celebrated Onam where the environment was filled with colors, positivity and harmony! Our staff came together to mark this auspicious occasion with a kaleidoscope of colors, traditional attire, and delectable Onam Sadya (feast)

The office space was transformed into a festive haven, echoing with the sounds of music, dance, and laughter. As we shared the significance of Onam, we also shared the bond of unity and togetherness.

At the entrance everyone was greeted with the traditional ‘Pookalam,’ a magnificent flower rangoli, at the entrance. The intricate design, created with fresh, fragrant flowers, set the tone for the festivities that lay ahead. The Pookalam was a testament to the attention to detail that went into organizing the event.

It was a day filled with cultural richness and the warmth of our 315Work Avenue family

Onam celebrations starting off with a positive note



Onam celebrations at 315Work Avenue