The trend of coworking spaces was at its peak in 2019, but COVID-19 came in and drastically affected this entire industry. Due to the pandemic, employees began working from home instead of temporary offices, such as coworking spaces.

Right after two years, everything started getting back on track again. Startups again started adapting the coworking culture by renting coworking spaces to smoother the business operations. However, the future is still uncertain. We don’t know what will happen next.

You must frequently think about this: How Will the Coworking Space Industry Perform In the Coming Years? We can’t predict the future, but we can share something to help grow your coworking space business. 

It becomes essential to follow the industry’s best trends as people’s demands and requirements change with time. You need to mold your spaces according to the new coworking space business trends to offer the most comfortable experience to your clients.

This article will discuss the 7 2022 Coworking Space Trends. These coworking space trends will help you shape your coworking spaces into a better working place for your clients. 

7 Coworking Space Trends In 2022

Here are the 7 coworking space trends in 2022. 

1. Coworking Spaces Aren’t Going To Be Limited to One City

India’s most prominent startups and leading IT companies are based in Bangalore, such as TCS, Accenture, HUL, etc. Bangalore is the city where startups set up their first office and create their first team. However, this trend is expected to change slightly this year. 

Startups are now stepping out from Bangalore and opening their offices in other cities as well. According to the coworking space trends 2022, they are most likely to open their office in other parts of the country and increase their operations for better company growth. 

And this turns out to be an opportunity for coworking space owners, including you. If you are a coworking space provider, it’s the perfect time for investing and opening more branches of your coworking spaces in different cities and states of the country. This would indeed require much time, research, and effort. But it will help in increasing the profitability of your coworking space business. 

2. COVID 19 Will Have A Huge Impact On the Coworking Spaces Business

Before COVID-19, this industry was growing at a steady pace. But then, coronavirus started spreading into different countries and affected this industry miserably. People did everything from their comfortable homes during the pandemic, from shopping to work. 

COVID-19 is still spreading, but fortunately at a slower pace. Scientists are still discovering different variants of the virus. Many countries still report different variants; some have low severity, and some have high severity. And this keeps on building fears in people’s minds.

Government authorities also took some strict actions and imposed some restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. In some ways, these restrictions affected the coworking space business. The coworking space trends also suggest that the COVID-19 will keep impacting the coworking space businesses in 2022. 

Luckily, the situation has improved, but we haven’t seen substantial changes that could help this industry grow back. Employees are still preferring working from their comfortable beds and not coming to their private offices or coworking spaces. And this is affecting the coworking spaces industry and the revenue. 

3. Coworking Spaces Will Be More Tech Savvy

Technology has always been an integral part of our daily life. Now, the use of technology isn’t limited to our daily lives. It is helping several industries to work more efficiently, including the coworking space industry. 

Our next coworking space trend states that you will see technology playing a massive role in the optimal working of coworking spaces. According to the trends, coworking space owners will be focussing more on integrating new technologies into their coworking spaces to make the work easier. They will make their coworking spaces more tech-savvy to run smoother operations and a offer premium-class experience to their clients.

For instance, these days, all coworking spaces require at least a manager and caretaker to handle the clients’ and employees’ needs. As a coworking space owner, you can understand the importance of a manager, as they control everything, from hospitality to everything else. 

But, this year, you can expect many technological advancements that will help in reducing the work of a manager and a caretaker. These advancements will help you handle your coworking spaces with the help of automation. 

You won’t need to employ someone to generate invoices, record employees’ entry timing, record attendance, etc. Automated machines and software, such as access cards, booking systems, attendance systems, automated invoices, employee time tracking, etc., will easily tackle all these things. You only need to see your revenue at the end of the week or month. 

So, it becomes important to make your coworking spaces more technologically advanced to offer a seamless and premium-class experience to your clients. 

4. Coworking Space Industry Will Get Some Significant Design Changes

Most coworking spaces are known for their beautiful design and interior. The design of the coworking space matters a lot in setting up the vibe of the workplace. It also decides the retention time of the clients. According to another 2022 coworking space trend, we will see some considerable design changes in the coworking space industry. 

We already have many unique and beautifully designed coworking spaces that provide an excellent vibe and working environment. But, now, new coworking spaces are entering the industry with some exceptional and innovative design ideas. And this is helping them grab a good position in the industry. 

As a coworking space provider, it is essential to develop innovative design ideas and implement them to bring a fresh look and feel. Your coworking spaces should have an impressive design and interior so that the people fall in love with them as they sit there. Implementing some new designs to your coworking spaces will help you stand out from your competitors. 

You usually find sitting desks, standing desks, sofas, couches, and bean bags in a typical coworking space. These are the essential things, and you can’t remove them from your coworking spaces. But, you can indeed introduce something interesting to them. 

For example, you can build a massive library in your coworking spaces to let bookworms work, read, and focus in the same place. The attached image is the perfect example of introducing design changes to your coworking space.


5. Spaces Owners Can Expect Huge Losses

COVID-19 has adversely affected this industry in the past few years. And it has also impacted the profitability of the coworking spaces businesses. During the pandemic, most coworking spaces recorded huge losses, still reporting. However, coworking space businesses having two to four properties at different locations bore the least losses. 

Fortunately, this industry is slowly and steadily getting back on track. But, we will not see a sudden change in the growth of this industry, as some startups and businesses have permanently adopted the WFH concept. 

6. Meeting Spaces Will Be in High Demand

Coworking space trends also state that meeting spaces will be in high demand in 2022. The pandemic still has a significant impact on the coworking spaces, and we can’t say anything about its end. However, it has been found that coworking spaces are still in demand, not as they were before the pandemic. 

Most of the employees still enjoy the WFH mode. But, some startups still prefer to arrange physical meetings with their employees for efficient results. As a result, the demand for meeting spaces is expected to increase in 2022. The need for hot desks and event rooms is also likely to grow, but meeting spaces will be the most demanding working spaces. 

7. Coworking Spaces Will Be More Inclined Towards the Nature 

Another coworking space trend suggests that coworking spaces will be more connected to nature in 2022. One of the primary reasons for inclining toward nature could be to increase the productivity of the people. Focus helps a lot in the better performance of the employees and the growth of the company. 

We are seeing a significant decline in the focussing power of employees with time as the number of distractions is increasing. As a result, startups and businesses will now look for workplaces that can help them improve their employees’ productivity. And in this case, connecting nature with the coworking spaces is a perfect blend. 

As a coworking space provider, it is the perfect opportunity for you to add some natural elements to your coworking spaces. For instance, you can add some tiny and portable flower pots to each coworking desk to let people focus on the work while inhaling some fresh and natural oxygen. The below image is the perfect demonstration of what we are talking about.


Conclusion – Coworking Space Trends

Molding your coworking spaces with the coworking space trends will stand out your spaces from your competitors. According to the 2022 coworking space trends, you can expect a lot of changes in this industry. This industry is expected to take many unexpected turns in many areas. For instance, we can see new design trends in the coworking space industry and some technological advancements too. 

We hope these coworking space trends give a better idea about what could happen next in this industry in the coming months or years. These trends will help you make your coworking spaces a better place for your clients.