British Safety Council


British Safety Council

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Steps taken prior to resuming operations

  • Disinfection and sanitization of entire premise including:
    • Entrance gates of the building, office, balcony, etc.
    • Meeting/conference rooms
    • Building peripherals
    • Rest rooms, cafeteria, pantry area, etc.
    • All other surfaces
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  • Thermal screening should be done for everyone entering the premises.
  • As per the security safety norms, we request you to co-operate by entering through the main entrance (reception).
  • Beside the security check, thermal screening will be carried out 100% of the time to check the temperature of everyone entering office premises from the main entrance.
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Workplace safety and measures that need to be followed:

    • Need to ensure that social distancing(6 feet) is being maintained at the workplace.
    • Ensure adequate hand sanitizers and masks have been provided on your floor to your employees.
    • At the workplace, 100% clean desk policy(no stationery items, water bottles, etc. cluttering the work station)
    • No online deliveries, no outside food will be allowed at the workplace.
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your hands well and often to avoid contamination


your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing and discard used tissue


touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands


and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

  • During lunch break, employees should cooperate and maintain social distancing (6 feet) as per the government standards followed at 315 Work Avenue, and avoid gathering in the cafeteria. Clients need to share with us the time slots for their employees, -as we will be having fewer chairs to maintain social distance (6 feet). We request support and cooperation to ensure that every employee is well taken care of and we also maintain the standards of OHSAS.
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  • Use specified phases when using cafeteria
  • Avoid gathering for lunch and ensure the seating never crosses 50%
  • Ensure social distancing while eating
  • If possible, encourage employees to bring their food
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Dealing with different scenarios:

  • Client sites that,  are registered as Biomedical Waste Generators (definition below).
  • Client sites,-where medical facility/isolation wards are absent for suspected COVID-19 cases.
  • Waste due to reactive disinfection.
  • Special waste segregation and disposal (masks, tissues, hand- gloves etc).
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SOP for Contract Laborers

  • Project vendor has to ensure PPE’s, such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizers, are provided to their employees, and these are used while working at the site.
  • A self-declaration form needs to be given for each contract labourer by the respective project vendor.
  • Chewing tobacco is prohibited on project premises and intoxicated workmen will not be given entry.
  • List of labourers provided by the contractor will be allowed into the premises.
  • Before entering the premises, every contract labourer needs to undergo thermal screening while maintaining a 6-feet distance from other laborers.
  • Every project material labour before downloading the material they need the thermal screening done, material need to be moved through the stair case and lift is prohibited
  • Contract laborers to keep their on-premise movement to a minimum.  No outside food allowed into the building.


Avoid coming in contact with your family members
Leave your belongings (wallet, mobile etc) at a specified place
Remove your shoes/sandals
Dispose your gloves before washing your hands
Clean your phone and glasses
Change your dress and put your used dress in a basket
Take a shower or wash your face, hands and legs thoroughly
Clean all your things that you have carried throughout the day
Disinfect your pet after taking them out
Stay safe and curtail the spread of virus


Practice social distancing and maintain at least 1.5 metre distance
Avoid sharing things like towels, cutlery, glass, mobiles, etc.
Ensure proper ventilation in your rooms
Increase the frequency of washing of clothes, sheets and towels
Ensure strict quarantine for 2 weeks
Disinfect high-frequency touchpoints like switches, tables, handles, chair backs, etc
Maintain proper distance while sleeping, if possible, use different beds
Disinfect bathrooms at regular intervals

Seek medical help if you experience difficulty in breathing

Don’t forget to dispose off used tissues


Prefer long-sleeved clothing
Avoid wearing earrings, bracelets or rings
Make the most of digital payment modes and avoid cash payments
Always have disposable gloves and use them while touching surfaces
Never step out without a mask
Wash hands frequently or after touching objects
Never touch your face before washing the hands
Cover your mouth with an elbow when you sneeze or cough

When you are out with your pet, never let the pet come in contact with objects

Avoid public transport as much as possible

Welcome to  a ‘Guarded Workplace’ Program

Employee Care:

  • Welcome kit
  • Wellness manual
  • Security
  • Social distancing measures
  • Employee self-declaration onsite collaterals


  • Welcome kit
  • Visitor screening
  • Door sanitization
  • Disinfestation station

Workplace Setup:

  • Reactive disinfestation periodic sanitization
  • Workplace seating planning
  • Washroom sanitization andusage guidelines
  • Awareness posters
  • Observation room

Additional Services:

  • Creating inventory list for BCP
  • Facility decontamination stations
  • Staff trainings


  • Seating arrangement
  • Pantry and kitchen guidelines
  • Cafeteria usage timing

Lift Management:

  • Effective routing and vehicle density
  • Disinfection of cabs

Engineering Assistance:

  • HVAC Operations SOP – Purging etc
  • AHU and Duct sanitization
  • IAQ with microbial culture tests
  • Air Altration system checks
  • Creating remote monitoring forcritical equipment as BCP
  • Filter Upgrades as per ASHRAE Energy Saving Consultancy

Waste Management:

  • Special (PPE, tissue) waste disposal guidelines
  • Biomedical waste generation registration if relevant

Meeting Rooms:

  • Guidelines to use conference & meeting rooms

Employee Care – Safety Leading the Way

Employee Welcome Kit

Here’s what the employees receive alongside the protection kit:

  • Disposable hand gloves
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Masks – Surgical 3 ply and N95
  • Tissues
  • Checklist of dos and don’ts


  • Alcohol rich disinfectant and tools
  • Security
  • Essential security systems to be checked and ensured they are good to go
  • Access points and access control to be discussed with occupants prior to opening the workplace
  • Security staff to undergo health check-up and guarded with masks,gloves,sanitizers etc
  • Every employee needs full self-declaration obligation on their health and travel history

Workplace Culture:

  • Social distancing, hygiene practices and pandemic control measures