Team building activities and programs are the best way to bring your team together, motivate the team and help the team to work better together with a collaborative culture. Want to bring your team together? Want to create a fun environment for your team? Then you will need some activities to help your team members bond together.

This year, a new report says that 85 percent of employees worldwide aren’t engaged, which means they’re not motivated, not productive, and will not work to their full potential. While most employees do enjoy their careers, most of them don’t have a career path. Their jobs change constantly, so they must be flexible and adaptable to stay ahead. Job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high these days.

This article mentions the 40 best interactive team-building activities that actually invest in personal bonding and bringing your team together. Some can be completed in the conference room, while some can only be executed outdoors. In addition, all the activities mentioned here will improve their communication skills and the synergy between all team members.

What Exactly Is Team Building?

Team building is creating and developing a group of individuals into a cohesive team. It’s the process of designing a team and its members to work in a coordinated fashion towards achieving common goals, which leads to improved communication, collaboration, and overall productivity.

According to research, positive surroundings promote favorable results in relationships, health, profitability, and employee engagement. On the other hand, a fear-based or hostile setting causes stress and poor engagement. According to a dataset collected by the Gallup Organization, low levels of involvement are associated with:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Productivity decline
  • Over time, reduced profitability and share price
  • Job growth has slowed.
  • Increased health-care expenses
  • Nearly 50% more accidents and 60% more errors and defects

What Are Some of the Problems That Could Arise From a Disjointed Team?

A disjointed team is a team that doesn’t work together to accomplish company and personal goals. If a team is disconnected, it can lead to several problems which can negatively impact business, including decreased productivity and increased errors. For one, team members may be unable to work together effectively, leading to subpar results. 

Moreover, team members may lack trust and respect for one another, leading to conflict. Furthermore, a disconnected team may have difficulties making judgments or poor decisions because team members cannot reach an agreement. A disjointed team can be less productive and less successful than a cohesive team.

Why Is Team Building Activities Important?

1.Builds Unity: Team building is a great way to help your employees find common ground with their coworkers and build a stronger team. It fosters a sense of group connection and solidarity.

2. Fosters Communication: Meaningful communication is needed in most team-building activities to win the game or solve a problem. Your staff members will use the communication skills they learn throughout the team-building exercise in their interactions with coworkers.

3. Increases Motivation:  When your employees participate in team-building exercises, they get the chance to experiment with something new and reignite their sense of motivation at the workplace. Hence, employees are more likely to achieve their goals and be successful.

4. Enhances Creativity: In certain team-building activities, problem-solving requires creative thinking. Your staff will be able to apply innovative solutions to business problems more readily the more frequently they participate in creative thinking.

5. Problem-solving: When given low-pressure opportunities to work as a team to solve challenges, your staff will perform better when confronted with problem-solving in a real-world setting.

6. Builds Trust: Team-building exercises often engage everyone in the organization. Everyone gets the chance to collaborate, from high management to entry-level employees, building mutual respect and trust inside the company.

Sometimes it can be hard to go to work every day and work with your colleagues. It might be much more difficult if you don’t agree with them or don’t get along. If your team isn’t as close as you’d like, team-building exercises might help bring everyone closer together.

What’s the Importance of Culture in Team Building

Business culture is the shared values, norms, and beliefs that guide behavior within an organization. Culture helps shape the way people work together, the way they approach tasks, and the way they engage with customers and other businesses. Culture is at the heart of a successful business. 

It’s essential to build a strong culture. A strong culture can help to foster a sense of pride and belonging among team members and can also help to set clear expectations for behavior and performance. You want people to feel like they are a part of a team and have a sense of belonging. Having a strong culture is the key to improving employee engagement and retention. 

How To Choose the Appropriate Activities for Your Team Building?

Team building exercises are an excellent method to excite and unite your team. They can also be a great way to get to know the people on your team, either formally or informally. You can use many activities in your team building, and it is often a good idea to have a variety of activities from which to choose.

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the appropriate activities for your team-building event. 

  • First, count the number of persons in the group and the available space.
  • Second, think about the activity that best suits your group’s needs. Are you searching for an outdoor activity to get everyone moving or an interior activity to promote collaboration and communication?
  • Third, consider your budget and the cost of the activity. 
  • Fourth, choose an activity that is age-appropriate and safe for all participants. 
  • Fifth is the objectives of the activity. What are your goals for the team-building activity?
  • And finally, make sure the activity is fun!

After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to narrow your choices and choose the perfect team-building activity for your group. Many team-building activities are fun and engaging, but sometimes they can feel forced or contrived. If you want your team to enjoy themselves during team-building activities, you can do a few things:

  • Make sure to choose enjoyable activities so everyone on the team can participate.
  • Make sure the exercises are challenging but not too complex so that everyone feels stretched but not overwhelmed.
  • Create an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie by being positive and encouraging everyone to participate.
  • Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the activity’s goals.
  • Debriefing after the exercise and discussing what went well and could be improved is essential.

These steps can create a fun and productive team-building experience for everyone involved.

40 Best & Interactive Team-Building Activities To Try

Team building activities are a fantastic approach to enhancing and boosting a team’s productivity. But which team-building activity is best for your team? There are several activities to pick from, some of which are better suited to specific sorts of groups. So, how do you select the greatest one for your team? 

Don’t worry, because we have got you covered. This blog will look at the 30 best team-building activities you can use to bring teams together and help strengthen your team. So, read on to find the appropriate team-building activities for your team!

1. Charades

Charades is a traditional party game suitable for people of all ages. The game’s goal is to guess the word or phrase that the other player is acting out. To play, all you need is a group of people and a way to keep track of points. The game can be played with teams or individually. 

To start, one player acts out a word or phrase while the others try to guess. The player acting out the word can only use gestures, not words. If the player acting out the word gets the others to guess it successfully, they earn a point. From movie titles to everyday phrases, this game may be enjoyed with any word or phrase.

The key to success in charades is to be as creative as possible. The more creative the gestures, the more likely the other players will be to guess the word correctly. This game gets everyone up and moving while still being fun!

2. Pictionary

Pictionary is a traditional party game ideal for gatherings with employees. The game’s objective is to guess the word or phrase your teammates are drawing. Pictionary may be played in groups of two or more people and is a terrific way to get everyone engaged.

Each team will need a whiteboard and a marker to play the game. One player from each group will start by drawing a picture on the whiteboard without using any words. The other team members will have to guess what the image represents. The team that correctly guesses receives a point, while the first team to earn a particular amount of points (typically 10) wins.

Pictionary is a great game for all ages and can be fun for everyone involved. So next time you’re looking for a fun activity with your team members or colleagues, consider giving Pictionary a try!

3. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to spice up a party or event. They may be tailored to any theme or occasion and are great fun for youngsters and adults. Scavenger hunts may be as straightforward or as complex as you like, and they’re an excellent way to get everyone engaged in an office event.

4. Blind Draw

 This activity helps team members understand how each person works best under pressure and how they can function depending on someone else’s skill set or knowledge base. The goal of this activity is for both groups to work together to accomplish something that neither one could do alone. Even if participants don’t know what they’re sketching, this practice is a terrific way to start chatting and connecting.

For this task, the team is divided into two groups. One group stands in a circle and closes its eyes. The other group stands outside the circle and whispers instructions to the blindfolded group on how to draw an object. The participants can use any medium they wish — paper, markers, crayons, etc. 

Team building activities

The goal is that the blindfolded group should draw an object as close as possible to the object described by their partner. Once everyone has had a turn drawing something based on descriptions from others, they can compare their drawings! The person who draws the best object wins!

It helps them learn how to adapt to different situations and overcome challenges with limited resources (e.g., being unable to see). This game encourages team members to listen carefully and follow directions to successfully create their version of what they think their teammate is drawing. You can use this game as a fun icebreaker at the beginning of meetings or conferences when there’s time to kill beforehand!

5. Egg Drop

Employee activites

\The reason behind this challenge is to have employees have to work together, sharing opinions and skills, to achieve a single goal. Teams who work well come up with a solution much faster than individuals. This activity also encourages employees to work together, and if they do meet the deadline, it may help them do their jobs better.

The teams should build a device that protects the egg when dropped from a second or third-story window. The catch? They can only use paper, string, masking tape, and other items found in the office. The team that provides the best possible solution wins.

Their device should withstand the impact with the pavement or ground and keep the egg intact and in good condition. Teams should provide a note in their presentation stating why they were the top pick for this particular job.

This activity necessitates creativity and resourcefulness, and it’s a great way to brainstorm using your peers’ ideas. It’s a great way to build trust between team members. Make sure you have a plan before you start the activity. Quickly developing a strategy is essential, or you won’t be successful.

6. Body of Words

Get your team together for Body of Words’ fun and exciting game! This great team-building activity will grow your sense of teamwork while also giving your body a workout. It’s an excellent game for your first office party and will make everyone laugh. Have fun memorizing and spelling out words with your bodies!

With this activity, you’ll create words and letters with your bodies alone and without using your hands simultaneously. The letters in the word made may be positioned in any way, regardless of order, making it a great game to break up the day and allow everyone to relax and have a little fun!

Everyone can participate in this activity, including adults, teens, and children. Working in pairs or groups, participants will use their bodies to form words or letters by encouraging teams to not only communicate as a group to create words but also to incorporate their talents.

This activity will promote a better understanding of team roles and how each member contributes to the team. Your team members may work with each other in the future, and having more creative team members is always a plus. Whatever you want to say, a body of words activity is a great way to get your message across! 

7. Hole in Many

This activity would foster trust and communication among coworkers to succeed as a team, and it is just as accurate in a social setting as in the boardroom! In this game, your objective is to randomly balance a tennis ball on a canvas with holes cut in it; it is more complicated than it sounds and has to be done with a certain amount of finesse. Set up a tarp in ample space and place a tennis ball in the center. The players must then scramble for a position that allows them to balance the ball using only their feet. As the game proceeds, more and more players will be added.

If a player pushes a ball off the tarpaulin, they must pick up the ball and replace it before continuing with the practice. This activity is suitable for team-building as it tests trust and cooperation between players.

TIP: If you have a tennis ball machine, set it to automatic and put it on one side of the tarpaulin, this makes the game more accessible and more fun, and you can take turns balancing the ball without worrying about who’s winning.

As with any team-building activity, this game is great for boosting morale and helping your team to gel. However, it’s also a fun, engaging activity that will increase your team’s problem-solving ability!

8. Two Truths and a Lie

A team-building exercise is a friendly approach for team members to get to know one another better. It is also an excellent approach to boosting team spirit and cohesiveness. The way it works is simple: each person takes turns sharing two true facts about themselves and one false fact. The other team members then have to guess which of the three statements is the lie.

It can be a secret, a wish, a fear, a memory, etc. The point is to share something personal and meaningful. This activity is a terrific way to get team members to chat and break the ice. It can help team members learn more about each other in a fun and interactive way. It may also form bonds based on shared interests and experiences.

9. Dinner Party

Activities for building a team

A dinner party is a fun and interactive activity that you can use to get your team to bond and learn about your team members. To do this activity, you’ll need to assign a different theme for each person to answer. 

Some examples might be: 

  • You’re on a lonely island with only three items. What exactly are they? 
  • If you could relive one day of your life, what would it be and why?
  • Who is that person, dead or alive, with whom you would like to dine?

Based on the size of your team, there are several ways to modify this exercise, the theme you want to focus on, and the needs of your business. If you would like to improve the quality of your team’s interactions outside of work, this is an excellent way to do it!

10. Show and Tell

Show and tell is an excellent approach to strengthening team chemistry and having fun. Yet, it is often forgotten until it’s too late. It’s a superb way to get people to open up about themselves and participate more actively in the meeting.

Before a regular meeting that requires a lot of concentration, change things up by having all the participants bring something in from home that they can share with everyone; this could be anything from a personal artifact to photos to baked treats or their favorite iTunes playlist. The items don’t have to be related to the topic of the meeting.

The goal here is for everyone to get to know each other better outside of the “work” context. By making Show and Tell a pre-meeting activity, you’re effectively bringing people together in a relaxed way that won’t make them feel like they’re being forced to work together. 

11. Achievement Sharing

This team-building activity is often used to prompt a discussion around shared values and experiences. When people begin to share their most significant personal achievements, a sense of connection and collaboration typically develops.

When working with a group of people, knowing what they’re capable of and how they can contribute to the group is essential. In “Achievement Sharing” activities, each team member will express their proudest personal achievement. 

This activity can be done with other groups in a company or with a team of people coordinating a task which can be an academic, social, or employment accomplishment or anything else that makes the individual feel proud. 

Group members might share:

  • a time they overcame a challenge
  • a goal they achieved
  • a critical job they mastered
  • a personal development they are proud of
  • a time they made a difference

This exercise helps build teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. It may be a terrific method to bond with your coworkers and demonstrate to them (and yourself) that you are a diligent worker!

12. No Smiling

Team building for employees

What would happen if you advised your employees not to grin for the duration of a meeting? Keep reading for an unexpected exercise that will boost the dynamics of your team. Are you tired of tense, stressful meetings? Try this team-building activity that lets your team members blow off steam by laughing together. 

Before the meeting begins, inform the attendees that they are not permitted to laugh or grin. See how long it takes someone to breach the rule. If they violate the ‘no smiling’ law, they must put a quarter into the “no smiling fund.” Every time someone smiles, put a quarter into the fund. After the meeting, count and divide the money equally among everyone. 

Afterward, discuss who smiled, why, and for how long; this can be a valuable way to get everyone to focus on what’s essential and determine whether they can be more productive; this is a great way to help your team gel by demonstrating the importance of teamwork.

13. Blind Retriever

Blind retriever is one of the great team-building exercises that help to foster communication, trust, and cooperation.

Divide your group into partners. Have them form teams of two to three members. The blindfolded player is guided to an object. The other team members coordinate to lead the member wearing a blindfold to an object.

The team must work together to figure out how to communicate effectively and efficiently. The person blindfolded during this exercise must learn to trust their team members and rely on their words and cues to feel their way around.

By collaborating and communicating, each group member learns better communication skills, thus improving their teamwork. In addition, the team members also learn how to solve problems better when encountering a challenging task.

14. Active Listener 

This can be a fun activity during regular team meetings. Incorporating random words and phrases throughout the session is a great way to see who is actively listening! Make it a team competition by making it a game of who sees the most random words and phrases.

At the end of the meeting, call out everyone who did the activity. If you catch anyone doing it, reward them with a gift card. If not, be honest and say you wish you had seen them! It’s a great way to build a team constantly on the lookout for new information and stays ahead of its competition.

15. Perfect Square

The task is to get everyone to work together in groups to create a square by standing together using a rope. It’s common to assume that the best way to go about this is to have everyone line up on the rope with their arms crossed and make a square like this. However, this isn’t the best solution because no one has direct contact with the rope. 

It’s better to have everyone hold the rope in their hands and spread it out a little bit. Now that everyone is holding the rope, making a square is easy. The stronger the team, the easier it is to finish the task! The first team to do it wins!

16. Office Trivia

It’s a good idea to encourage team bonding, and creating creative ways to do that is a great way to promote a productive, collaborative future. Trivia is a great way to encourage conversation while having fun if you are unsure where to start.

Divide your employees into teams, and write trivia questions based on company history, current events, and odd facts. It is a fun way to learn about a company. So put together a list of attractive, easy-to-find facts about your company and employees. You can use these as trivia questions! We can also use them to make a puzzle or a word search.

The questions could be anything from:

  1. In what year was our company founded?
  2. In what year was the first computer built by our CEO invented?
  3. In what year did we start providing 24/7 service to our clients?
  4. What is the average tenure of our customer support specialists?
  5. What is the phone number of the main office of our Seattle office?

This can work well with any team and can be done in person or online. No matter how you do it, having a little fun once in a while probably won’t hurt anything.

17. Building Blocks

Employee team building activities

The most important aspect of teamwork is communicating effectively with your team. You need to understand and help each other to be efficient and effective. So, why not take some time and have a little fun simultaneously? 

In this activity, you will be paired up with a partner and given 10-15 cards with questions. Have each partner ask the other partner a question and then have them answer. After that, the next person to speak needs to answer the question for their partner. The questions should require more than just a one-word answer. 

This is a great way to practice active listening and get to know each other and your team better! This activity will help your team better understand each other in a relaxed and entertaining setting. You’ll also gain some self-awareness and build your communication skills as you get more comfortable with each other.

Key Rules:

  • There is no right or wrong answer
  • Don’t judge anyone on their answers
  • If you don’t know or don’t want to answer, say that you’ll pass and let the next person answer.
  • Avoid yes or no answers (If you really can’t think of anything, share the one thing you believe you have in common)

18. Circle of Appreciation

The circle of gratitude is a team-building practice that focuses on recognizing and thanking people in a group setting. 

To begin, create a vast circle and, after a minute of silence, ask everyone to share one thing they admire about the person to their left. After everyone has shared something about the person next to them, instruct them to follow the redirect and appreciate someone else in the circle. Continue this process until you’ve made your way around the entire circle.

Key Points: Always give time at the end of the activity to discuss what you’ve learned and to thank everyone for participating!

This is crucial for increasing how much your team enjoys coming to work every day. Increasing how much your employees enjoy working for you and each other shows that you care about their safety and enjoyment. This is vital to creating a healthy, secure, and enjoyable work environment.

19. Buckets & Balls

How to build unity in employees

The Buckets and balls activity is perfect for people who have never worked together. It’s fast-paced, and people have a lot of fun! Buckets & balls are one of our most popular team-building games. Teams compete by moving balls from one bucket to another without using their hands or arms!

With Buckets & balls, each person has a specific role to play that they must secure to win the game. This activity encourages communication, planning, and teamwork while building trust and working together. It gives employees a chance to provide constructive feedback and demonstrate their strengths in a team environment, which are often essential qualities to look for when hiring new talent.

20. Shipwrecked

Participants in this activity must behave as though they have been shipwrecked. Your aircraft has just fallen on a secluded island. Before the entire jet catches fire, you only have a little time to recover certain goods from the rubble. What will your team decide? 

This is an excellent activity influenced by well-known shipwrecked tales. This one encourages teamwork, initiative, diplomacy, and original problem-solving techniques.

This issue is severe, and the game’s apparent simplicity transforms into complexity. Confusion frequently results when groups of people cannot agree on the relative value of each item in a survival situation. Successful teams will pick a strong leader and thoroughly prepare their buying strategy. They will also need to bargain with other groups to obtain the things they seek.

21. Human Knot

This game encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and communication while being amusing. The participants are required to form a circle and stand shoulder to shoulder. Tell everyone to reach across the circle with their right hand and take the hand of someone standing across from them. 

Once again, instruct everyone to take the hand of a separate person while raising their left hand in the air. Someone must ensure that everyone is holding the hands of two different individuals and that no one is holding the hand of the person standing next to them. To disentangle everyone without releasing their hands is the aim of the game. Participants must restart if the chain is broken. A second circle may appear. The ability to work together and communicate will be crucial in this game.

22. Salt and Pepper

Team building activities in an organization

This activity is entertaining, perfect for boosting your squad, and works well as a brief icebreaker. Consider pairings like yin and yang, shadow and light, peanut butter and jelly, Mickey and Minnie mouse, male and female, and so on as a facilitator. Write each ingredient on a piece of paper (for example, salt on one and pepper on another), and then tape one piece of paper to the back of each individual so they can’t see it.

Everyone must ask yes or no queries as they move around the room to determine what term has been pasted to their backs when the game begins. They must locate their other partner once they have it figured out. The secret lies in mastering how to ask the appropriate questions. (Optional: After that, the two will discuss three to five amusing things about one another.)

23. What’s My Name

Request that your team sit in a circle and take turns introducing themselves. Next, fling a tennis ball at a single target. They must say that player’s name as they pass the ball to a different teammate. Make it such that players can’t toss the ball to the same person twice in a row to boost the difficulty. The objective is to build rapport among the team members.

24. What’s on Your Desk

Employee relationship building activities

You will instruct each team member to bring an object from their desk for this task. Then, inform them that this will be a new invention and that they must develop a name, tagline, logo, and marketing strategy to market it. Both solo and group efforts are acceptable.

They will then demonstrate the item to the group as though they were selling it. There should be a time limit on the presentation, like two minutes. Then talk about what was sold and why.

This activity aims to develop a strategy for the product’s sales. The team works together to determine how to approach markets and how to sell them. Because everyone can contribute something unique, it also fosters collaboration.

25. Classify This

You’ll need to gather various goods for this one that is distinct from one another. This includes office supplies, games, toys, and kitchenware. Each group will require roughly 20 items.

Once the groups are set, have each member attempt to classify the objects into one of four categories. They can create any categories they choose, but each object must fit into at least one of them. They will put their classification down on paper. After the allotted time has passed, a team representative will read the groups and discuss how they arrived at that conclusion.

The game’s objective is to understand better how team members approach situations differently and how one object may be grouped in many ways based on the individual’s viewpoint.

26. Use What You Have

Split your teams into two groups of the same size for this exercise. You’ll provide them with a task they must finish in a set time. The challenge’s winner remains in the air for the longest, which can be as easy as having the participants construct a paper aircraft or as tricky as having them build a walking robot out of Lego parts.

After defining the task and dividing the teams, you must set up a table with the materials that each team is permitted to use. Tell them they can only utilize the items on the table and nothing else. Make sure they are aware of their time constraints so they may make their plans and employ project management techniques. Each team will only need to demonstrate how they addressed the issue and enjoy the reveal after finishing.

The game aims to encourage collaboration and cooperation among the groups. Additionally, it will teach the value of communication at all project stages, including its beginning, middle, and end. It also contains the fun element of how the answer would appear and how to get it given the restricted resources available.

27. Produce Your Own Movie

This is a very fun activity. In this team-building game, multiple teams can participate, and each team will create a movie or, more specifically, write a script with its team members posing as different characters. To provide a common ground for evaluation, a common theme can be introduced on which the movie will be based. The team members, by themselves, will decide their respective roles, dialogues, and climax. This activity brings out the inner child or thoughts that your team members may never otherwise share around the workplace. 

28. Turning Over a New Leaf

In this activity, you’ll lay a carpet on the floor and invite everyone on the team—or break them up into groups if there are many—to step inside. They must turn the sheet over to the other side after getting on it without anybody getting off or carrying anyone else.

They’ll need to develop a strategy and plan how to proceed. It will be advisable to utilize some carpet that can be more easily maneuvered if a team has more than five players.

The game aims to encourage everyone in the team to brainstorm a plan of action and work collectively to come up with the best answer. They will also need to communicate often on the best course of action. By the time the team has reached the answer, each member will have contributed their grain of salt.

29. Created Economy

Team members will mimic a small component of society in this game and develop a fictitious economy for it. It will be necessary to write rules governing how the economy operates. The team members will have to come together, work together, and agree on the details of the regulations.

The team members will need to brainstorm ideas for how their miniature society will function, what they will produce or sell, how it will be marketed, how the revenue will be shared among them, and what initiatives it will fund to maintain a healthy and expanding economy.

The activity’s purpose is to unite everyone and rally behind a single objective of getting things done. Additionally, the collaborative process for developing rules and how some teammates are ready to abide by them while others will search for legal methods to get around them to achieve their objectives will reveal what the team members are prepared to do to complete the task. It also includes sections on project management and how to approach issues to find a solution.

30. Watch Where You Step

For this game, you will use tape to draw any polygon on the floor. It must be at least seven feet broad and twelve feet long. People must be able to go from one side to the other. Some noisy toys and paper sheets with an X should be placed within the shape. The documents marked with an X are minefields.

Then, at least two people will attempt to complete the form by entering it. Both will have their eyes covered, and the other team members will try to lead them using just their voices. Each team member will get frozen if they tread on a sheet that contains a land mine. The other team member must tread on a squeaky toy to defrost them. Both must go the entire form length since they cannot leave their confines.

The game’s goal is to promote team members’ capacity to trust one another as well as their ability to communicate with one another. Those blindfolded to cross the finish line will also learn when and how to provide direction.

31. Office Debates 

This activity helps your team learn to tackle disagreements and respect everyone’s perspective. It’s a simple game where two team members will be selected and allowed to debate on a given topic. Other members will judge them according to their raised points, their communication and speaking skills, and how they handle disagreements. In the end, a winner will be decided through the mode of voting. 

32. Back of the Napkin

In this activity, create a team of four to five members and give a fictional problem to each team. Now, each team member has to coordinate and draw the solution to the problem on the back of their napkin. It can be in graphs, tables, or a detailed written answer. The team that offers the best answer can be awarded a prize. This activity doesn’t seem interesting until it’s done. 

33. Murder Mystery

All these activities enhance the creative power of your team, but with the murder mystery game, it’s time for you to be a little creative. Setting up a murder mystery game is a time taking and costly process, so there are dedicated companies and event managers that will help you manage and execute this fun game smoothly. 

Under this activity, you will plot a murder scene, and each team member will be given a specific role to investigate and help their team find the culprits. You should set a theme for the murder and specify the number of team members that will be participating a day prior because, according to that, the roles will be evenly distributed. 

The team that solves this murder mystery will be awarded, showcasing their pictures on the workplace whiteboard. You can charge a small penalty for a fault to ensure no one slips out of character.

34. Radio Play 

Producing a movie is great, but what about those participants who are camera-shy and do not want to act much in front of everyone? The radio play activity is a better option for them. In this activity, you can set a theme, for example, diversity day, and tell different teams to create a program or a script around the same. 

Likewise, in movie play, you can set guidelines for evaluation, like topics that need to be present, steps to increase diversity in the workplace, etc. This exercise will even help those team members who are shy to come out of their comfort zones and collaborate with their team

35. Laser Tag 

Laser tag activity is an excellent alternative for paintball games as participants are less likely to get hurt. It’s a costly affair, so you can outsource the responsibilities to an agency. In this activity, two teams consisting of five to ten members will be deployed, and a sensor will be attached to each team member on their chest. 

The simple goal is to hide behind the objects and shoot the enemy sensor, ensuring they don’t hit yours. At the end of the timer, the team with the highest successful aim will be declared the winner. This is a great outdoor game for coordination and communication. Teamwork is the key to winning such team-building exercises. 

36. Company Outing 

This team-building activity reaps the best results if done outdoors. Also, it can be one of the most expensive activities on the list. Company outing is best for teams of different departments who don’t interact daily. 

The idea is to invite the team members for a cooking class, lunch, or even karaoke. The purpose of this activity is to let the team relax and just be themselves. This gives them a nice environment where they can enjoy, have good conversations with other team members and get along very well. 

The managers of each team can also encourage conversation, take part in various activities, and be informal for the time being with other colleagues. This is a good place for teams to open up and bond naturally with others. 

37. Magazine Story 

In this team-building activity, your team has to create a cover story for a magazine. This cover story can be about your business or a recent successful project. Some guidelines can be set up on which the cover story will be evaluated, like headlines, quotes, images, body, etc. Set a timer of up to an hour to increase the competition. This activity will help your team to coordinate and enhance their communication skills which will be beneficial for real future projects. 

38. Guess the Emoji Board

In this activity, all the participants of a team will send a screenshot as a private message to the host, and the host will display the latest used emoji keyboard on the whiteboard. In contrast, others have to figure out the person to whom this emoji keypad belongs. There’s no winner in this, but a great exercise for building personal relationships and liking each other. 

39. River Crossing

This fun activity can be done both indoors and outdoors. If you’re planning to do it indoors, make enough space in your conference room. In this game, you have to demonstrate a river which can be done using two long blue carpets or plain sheets. The team members have to cross this river. 

However, the river is toxic, and they have to cross it without touching the water flow. If they touch it, they will be harmed and will be disqualified from this activity. 

You can cross the river with the help of footholds which can be designed with the help of cardboard. But these cardboard footholds need to be moved as one person crosses the river. He can use one foot to step onto that foothold while balancing himself and setting the second foothold for putting his next foot. This game will help your team to better coordinate with each other while building trust for each other. 

40. Electric Fence 

In this team-building activity, create an electric fence above the waist height. You can achieve this by tying a string or a thin rope with two chairs apart. Each team member has to bend and cross the fence. But it’s not that easy.

The catch here is that all the team members have to pass the fence by holding each other’s hand and making sure no one from the team should touch the fence; even after one member crosses the fence, he should not leave the hands of the other members. This is a great activity for imparting trust and mutual understanding to your team. 

Conclusion: Best Team Building Activities

Many events take place in an organization’s life cycle. The most crucial event is team-building. In the past decade or so, companies have been taking it very seriously, with most of them investing money in it. 

An old saying goes, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This phrase is why companies are increasingly looking for new ways to build camaraderie among employees. Now, there’s no need for you to look any further since we’ve got you covered!

Here is a list of the 40 best team-building activities we could find. These activities are enjoyable and entertaining and help foster team spirit and a sense of community among team players. Do you have a great team-building exercise that we didn’t mention? 

Please share it with us in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed our article about team-building activities. So what are you waiting for? Get your team together and plan an activity today!