The question for employers has always remained: “How do I get the best out of my employees?” or “How can I make my workers perform at their very best?”

Maybe yours is the classic case of the lazy worker and you’re wondering, “How can I transform him into the best employee on my team?” or “How can I boost his output rate?”

Of course you might have come up with a number of ways to deal with this problem in your organization.

But there’s another way you might not have thought of…and this is what I’ll be sharing with you in this article: How to use recreational activities to get the best out of your employees.

According to Wikipedia, work is an activity generally performed out of “economic necessity”. Recreation on the other hand is described as useful to “recharge the battery” so that work performance is improved.

That means work performance depends on recreational activities–or at least, can be boosted with it.

Now that you know how important recreational activities are, how can you as an employer, use it to your advantage? How can you use it to improve your employees’ capacity?

1. Know your employees.

First you need to know is about your employees. This is because all recreational activities depend on individual interests and hobbies. So the worker who likes hiking may not be interested in playing chess. You need to find out who likes what.

You can do this by creating a questionnaire/survey asking for the interests of your employees and then distributing it among them. It can contain questions like:

– How do you like to spend your free time?
– What are your hobbies?
– Favorite sport?
– Favourite singer or musician?
– Favourite game?

2. Select recreational activities in line with their interests.

After you’re sure of your employees’ various interests, start working towards making relevant and related recreational activities available.

Make a list of recreational activities employees can choose from–could be movies, exercise, sports, and so on. Study has shown that the top 3 favorite recreational activities of employees are: team-building, staff parties and aerobics.

You can however use the answers you’ll get from the survey, for example, to get more than enough ideas on what kind of recreational activity is best for your workers.

3. Let the fun begin!

So let’s say you’ve got a couple of employees who are movie freaks and can live in the cinema if they get the chance; some, cricket fans; while some are comedy lovers.

You can now start the activities at the work place and allow them to share their experiences with each other.

4. Encourage Participation.

Surely every organization will have some workers that are always down for whatever looks like fun, while there’ll also be some workaholics that’ll think recreational activities are a waste of time, and might reduce their productivity.

You as an employer should encourage every member of your staff to participate in recreational activities; from planning to execution, and ultimately to having all the fun. No employee should be left out as these activities will definitely build team spirit.

These are just few ways you can boost employee productivity within your company with recreational activities. Ensure you try them out, and you’ll definitely reap the untold benefits that will naturally follow.

Benefits like physical wellness; team bonding and friendly work environment; improved creativity; improved concentration; work-life balance; and loads more.

Now you know the secrets to get even more out of your workers. Go on out there, use them and watch your employees become the best around–and also the most loyal workers.

Which other tips do you have for boosting employee productivity with recreational activities? Kindly share with the world in the comments.

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Everything you do is an attempt to enhance the quality of your life in one or more of these areas.

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