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COVID-19 has created serious damage to most of the industries and naturally, coworking sector, which intends to bring people together, is an obvious target. However, it is not as bad as it appears to be. There is a decline in occupancy rate but things will get back to normalcy very soon.

That being said, the coworking industry needs to make some major changes in the working model post lockdown to convince clients. 315Work Avenue has set the tone and has made significant changes to the system.

Take a look at how 315Work Avenue is getting ready:

  • Hygiene on the forefront
  • Hygiene precedes every factor to clients now and that is what leads the way in the new system. The entire premise will be sanitized and disinfected at regular intervals. The entrance gate, office space, meeting rooms, restrooms, cafeteria and other surfaces will be covered thoroughly while sanitizing. Also, an infrared (non-touch) thermometer will be present on every site.

  • Check-up
  • A routine check-up and maintenance of infrastructure are carried out to ensure everything is ready to go smoothly. All e-items like PC, printers, electrical cables are checked for damages. Utilities such as electrical equipment and DG set are inspected before putting them in operation.

  • Thermal screening
  • Every employee will be subjected to thermal screening before entering the premises. The screening is mandatory and the temperature of entrants will be checked before getting into the office premises. Any individual with the symptoms will not be allowed to enter the workplace.

  • Social distancing and new work culture
  • Maintaining social distancing is a must (6 feet) at the workplace. Every floor will house enough hand sanitizers and mask for the employees. The new system will have 100% clean desk policy, which means that occupants cannot have their stationeries, water bottles etc on the desk. Also, no online deliveries and outside food will be allowed at the workplace.

  • No gatherings
  • Top Coworking space in Bangalore

    Events like birthdays, farewell parties, and anything that attracts a crowd in the common area, cafeteria and conference rooms are restricted. There is no room for gathering at the premises to any of the clients.

  • Visitors self-declaration
  • The visitors are allowed inside the building only after getting necessary approvals. A mandatory self-declaration form which includes their travel history and health condition has to be filled by the visitor before entering the premises.

  • Other changes
  • Employees will be given a welcome kit to stay safe. Every professional should follow the seating arrangements designed to maintain social distancing. Employees who bring food from home should stick to the prescribed timings – before 12:00 pm or after 2:30 pm.

    The new changes and alterations have been made keeping in mind the safety of occupants. 315Work Avenue expects every professional to follow the system and stay away from danger. We are in this together. Let’s stay united in this testing phase and emerge as winners.

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