Coworking spaces are the new sensation in the corporate world, especially when there are a lot of start-ups waiting to get recognition.

These places like the coworking space in Bangalore prove to be very beneficial, increase their networking, and are also very affordable. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is to create an apt work culture.

A sense of belonging and strength must be made to look into employee retention. Let us check how some steps can be taken to complete the work ethics of the companies lucrative

• Adhere to your values and mission

An independent company must have its setup mission and values. This is nothing but a short, written statement about the company’s goals, visions, philosophy and competitive advantages. These things guide the company employees on the most crucial guideline to follow.

If there is a well-crafted solid set of rules written down for the company employees, then wherever the employees remain, they will be pretty clear about what the company wants and how the company sees itself over time.

A company needs to lay down stringent rules to ensure that employee retention can be saved. They must highlight the main points every time so that the employees are very clear about the rules and work accordingly.

• Encourage team recognition and community events.

Coworking spaces like the shared office space in Bangalore are the most sensational phenomenon now because of the number of perks it provides us. All these gather to make this one of the most lucrative offers, starting from excellent infrastructure to clean water supply or easily accessible food. However, every company must recognize their team members and make things unique for retention. This will make the company proceed with further issues.

The company must make provisions to recognize the employees by making shout-outs. Suppose they have been able to achieve a target. In that case, there should be provisions to provide them with branded gift coupons and also birthdays and anniversaries must be celebrated with a different zeal. It must be kept in mind that the employees will never feel appreciated or wanted unless these areas are looked into.

Apart from these, regular team catch-ups and company meet-ups will help the employees recognize each other. They may not see each other every day, but it is essential to build a sense of belonging in them to work together as one.

• Gather feedback and ideas from the team

Creating a strong culture should be imperative, and that should be done keeping the employees at the forefront. They must recognize the loopholes and provide the solution. Only then will they be able to create a culture that works towards their upliftment and looks into the company’s progress. Although it might not be a huge company and the employees may be a handful, they must meet up and decide on its culture.

A small culture committee can be created that can work specifically for this cause. If the company’s culture is strong, it will automatically spread, and people will be attracted to work in the company. It helps create a great employee experience and attracts and retains the top talent.

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