Be it a start-up or a regular corporate job, the workers’ health is of primary importance. When the setup is that of a coworking space, the workers have to adjust to the various initiatives that would cater to the needs of the coworking professionals. The term wellness means the well-being of the individuals who work there. Many new studies have deduced that wellness programs do not change the health factor of the workers.

However, the people who work are themselves very health-conscious, and they know that the main factor which causes the health to deteriorate is stress which is mostly work induced. The primary step would be to implement more approaches to holistic wellness so that the workers remain healthy. This can be achieved with the help of the following steps:

• Providing healthy snacks

The start-up authorities should make it a point that they serve their workers with filling and nutritious snacks instead of the heavy and oily food readily available. Healthy food will help them keep their weight in control and help them remain fit. Their hydration must be looked after because all the workers should have bottles of packaged mineral water by their desks.

• Usher greenery

The colour green has a very holistic approach, and it soothes the eyes a lot which in turn makes the vision of the workers perfectly well. Nature makes the workplaces look fantastic, and the greenery can help usher in new ideas in the workers’ minds. Also, the plants can help purify the air with more oxygen levels.

• Arrange stress management workshops

As an owner, the owner must look into the workers’ mental health. Stress-induced at the workplace can be fatal and invite a lot of health issues. Therefore, the owners must arrange regular workshops to help the workers deal with stress. If the stress levels are checked, we can be sure that the people working for us will give the best efforts in their work.

• Welcome mental health issues

Although the awareness of mental health is being increased day after day, co-workers might be insensitive to this issue. However, this is where we have to take a stand as owners. We must be empathetic and should always be ready to listen to them. If they need extra care, we must never deny any help. We must never forget that if our workers are happy, we can only progress as a company.

• Career Coaching

Career counselling is something that must be done among the workers. The owners can invite other people from different successful start-ups who can assist them and guide them in the best possible way. Also, the firm’s senior members can be asked to talk about their experiences. They can be good mentors to the new millennial employees and guide them.

• Open all time
The workplace can be open 24*7 for all the employees to come anytime and work. Some people might be comfortable working at the early hours while others may be comfortable working at the odd hours in the night, producing excellent productivity for the new start-up. They will be happy to work at the best time, and at the end of the day, their comfort is what matters the most to the owners.

315 work avenue is a real estate company that owns coworking spaces that emphasize the holistic approach of wellness. They try to main the rules to keep the people working there running. They are happy to be the source of the many new start-ups and are even more delighted to see them flourishing with good help.