All thanks to COVID-19, most of the companies are now allowing their employees to work from home. But, a sudden shift of this approach brings in a huge change in policies and also challenges. The biggest challenge one faces in terms of communication. Dealing with communication can become quite a headache while working remotely in a coworking space.

We are here to discuss the respective challenges employees face while working remotely at shared office space. One needs an effective platform to share and transform information. Not only this, but they also need an effective platform that can help them understand the requirement precisely. If something goes wrong in this process, then it can certainly affect the company’s progress in terms of delivering the project.

When it comes to communication, there are four important components that take part in it, and they are:

  • Visual
  • Verbal
  • Nonverbal
  • Written

If anything goes wrong in this process, then the entire company has to suffer. If you are still thinking about the challenges you can face in terms of communication in the Coworking space in Koramangala, then take a look below:

#Varied Preferences

The first challenge is in terms of communication is the fewer physical cues that let one know about the preferences and boundaries. But, with remote working, it becomes difficult to understand the preferability, and eventually, it becomes difficult to connect and adapt as per the team’s needs and requirements. The channels to be used are another major challenge to overcome. One must have clarity on the platform to consider communicating. It can be different and can be quite challenging to get going when needed the most.


Another major challenge that comes along with remote working is overcommunication. The management keeps on checking with the employees regarding the status of the work, their availability, and many other aspects as they are unable to monitor the same because of lack of availability. So, it leads to overcommunication, and this can interrupt the workflow significantly. As constantly checking on what is being done can take up a lot of time at any coworking space in Indiranagar. This needs to be dealt with smartly by the management to gain the best out of their employees.

#Technology Issues

You never know when the Internet might be down, or there can be any other connectivity issues. This can certainly bring a lot of challenges in terms of communication when needed the most. This can lead to an embarrassing situation while being in a video chat with a client or conference meeting with the bosses. Not only this but there can also be many issues that can be related to software or application or even hardware that can make it difficult for one to communicate while working remotely.


One of the biggest challenges that you might face while working remotely is not understanding the language, culture, or learning style of other employees. This can lead to misunderstanding and eventually a lot of mistakes. It is not easy for one to get a proper hold of communication style or learning approach followed. So, it can get really challenging for one to understand how to take things ahead and eventually end things successfully. Without getting to know one’s culture, it is quite difficult to understand their communication style and take things ahead.


Future is all about Hybrid teams in remote approach or coworking space in Indiranagar or all around the world. But, it does come with several challenges as well in terms of communication that includes multiple cultures and norms. They are missing out on a spontaneous conversation that can bring in excellent results. So, it is important for the employees around the world to work on their communication skills to curb this gap and ensure that they are all thinking alike as a team while working together yet remotely.


So, these are the challenges related to communication while working remotely. But, there is always room for improvement that can help businesses beat this challenge in the coming time and make things easier for the employees working remotely or in coworking space in HSR Layout. Enhancing communication approach can certainly take your business ahead in the race in no time.