Independent professionals, freelancers, and solopreneurs began flocking to coworking spaces when the concept germinated. The narrative surrounding shared workspaces changed in recent years.

The world’s largest conglomerates and start-ups alike are located there today. The working environment is ideal, especially if you’re looking to grow your company.

Compared to conventional offices, coworking spaces offer similar services, but for a fraction of the cost. Combined with the opportunity to network, coworking is the quintessential way to grow a business.

FYI, this isn’t merely theoretical. Companies around the world that are successful prove that these factors are true. From shared workspaces, all of them have grown into business leaders in their fields.

Still not convinced? These 4 businesses have humble origins in coworking. Take a leaf out of their book and c’mon in our office space rent in Bangalore at WorkAvenue315!

  1. Instagram

We know, we know, you are bowled over! That is the last thing to look at at night and the first thing when you wake. There’s no better place to observe the power of coworking than Instagram. Coworking’s flexibility led Facebook to acquire it for $1 billion.

Burbn, a social network founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, was the beginning of Instagram. While the two founders worked at Dogpatch Labs, a common workspace, they transformed Burbn into Instagram. The most popular feature of Mike and Kevin’s app was the filters. The application was redesigned and relaunched as Instagram within two months.

  1. Uber

In Paris over 14 years ago, two blokes found themselves unable to hail a taxi no matter what. Uber was born out of that moment in time when Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were unable to get a cab. A mobile application where anyone could hitch a ride through a shared economy platform was created when they couldn’t find a ride.

Uber was created in New York at a shared office space called The Yard. Several years later, the company moved to another coast in the United States. Nevertheless, Uber operated out of an office space known as RocketSpace in San Francisco.

8 people were working at Uber’s second shared workplace when it moved there. Almost every corner of the globe is covered by the company’s web today. The chances of Uber not operating in a developed country are slim!

  1. Spotify

Though Spotify has its roots in Sweden, it became successful only when it branched out into the United States. Spotify started up from RocketSpace in San Francisco, the same place as Uber. Spotify is currently one of the biggest music streaming services since it has over 100 million subscribers.

Although the audio content platform has humbler origins than most other companies, it’s now the most popular app globally. Well, at least a fraction of this victory can be attributed to a shared working space.

Actually, we think things have turned around. At least one coworker will be listening to music on Spotify when you walk into a coworking space in Bangalore at WorkAvenue315.

  1. Hootsuite

Social media is an integral part of today’s business landscape, so any company that ignores it is doomed to failure. It’s still difficult to keep track of the gazillion channels of networking. This was realized by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Each platform had to be logged into separately and managed separately, which was very challenging. An idea appeared.

The software Ryan developed allowed you to integrate almost all social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Hootsuite is the name!

Founders of the integration service are explicit about how the community played a role in its development at a San Francisco coworking space. Hootsuite started coworking as a way to develop valuable connections that helped them become successful.

The Bottom Line

Here are 4 companies that have found a great deal of value in coworking. The firms demonstrate how shared workspaces reduce costs and other challenges every entrepreneur faces.

Businesses can grow by utilizing coworking spaces, which cut overheads and ease administrative duties. These platforms can serve as your source of inspiration or your springboard to success. And coffee is almost always great at coworking spaces.

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