Investing $140 billion per year to stop this warming world would be the cost humanity must bear. The figure may seem overwhelming, but actually, it accounts for less than 0.1% of global GDP. You can save nature for a fraction of the cost and time you assume.

We thought you might like to know that this fact vibrates in your brain all day, so we decided to share a couple of tips that can help your office save a bit on the environment and reduce the office’s bills on this world environment day. We have already adopted some of the green ideas described below so that WorkAvenue315, the coworking space in Bangalore is a carbon footprint-free coworking space.

Avoid ‘Use And Dispose’ Products

Our oceans are full of plastic straws, and they take centuries to decompose, affecting the vulnerable marine life. Lunch hour is not the time when paper or plastic dishes, tissue paper, straws, or thin plastic cutlery are necessary.

We at WorkAvenue315, shared office space in Bangalore insist people bring their dishes and cutlery to the office and use the convenient washing arrangements at our pantry facility after they have eaten, just like trek-leaders who ask fellow climbers to bring their utensils, to prevent harming the fragile ecology of the majestic mountains. Likewise, we encourage people to use ink refillable ballpoint pens instead of disposable pens and avoid throwing them away. By taking this small anti-plastic step, we can reduce our carbon footprint to a great extent!

Even When Printing On Recycled Paper, Recycle It

According to a 2013 survey, only 53 percent of the paper in the United States is recycled, even though the country produces 20.7 million tons of paper per year utilizing 55 to 110 million trees. Not to worry, though! Paper supplies made from natural recycled fibers can be found in many agencies. You will save trees when you use these green and white papers in color, which are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

PS: WorkAvenue315’s office space rent in Bangalore enforces using both sides of the paper when printing for our hardworking team.

Maintain Your Greens, Even If They Are Synthetic; It’s A Good Idea!

Green is the strongest visual receptor in humans, according to ophthalmologists. The color green is considered to be calming in color psychology. Viewing green can enhance your vision, heal you and calm you. It has been argued that plants (no matter if they are synthetic or not) should be placed inside an office not just for environmental preservation, but also to create a creative atmosphere amongst bright minds.

We here at WorkAvenue315 create man-made greenery in every possible vacant area in our coworking office to make it more inviting for people to work there.

Every time you are pressed for time, you can relieve the stress by looking at the pre-arranged soothing greens to quench your biophilia (the yearning to be close to nature).

Lights out! Windows closed!

When you switch off even just one light bulb, while you aren’t using a room, a huge amount of energy is saved. WorkAvenue315 will soon elect individuals who will rotate on a rotating basis to turn off all the lights before leaving the office. This helps to keep the cold air out. Thus, when the office restarts the next day, the air conditioner compressors shut off early, causing a precise amount of energy to be saved, which can add up to a considerable amount at the end of the year.

Bringing It All Together!

Be vigilant about your practices if you want to save the environment! Changing conventional habits at home and work should be a top priority! Take action today!