It is obvious that the freelancing community is blossoming and proliferating at a rapid pace. The Asia-Pacific region appears to be the region with the highest percentage of gig workers according to an India Today article. According to the increasing statistics, well-paying corporations like to employ individuals who are comfortable in their roles, publish their own 9 to 5 schedules, and work from their favorite workplace.

Why is this workforce full of creative and innovative thinkers? What’s the reason freelancers are so productive, but employees in-house struggle to find creativity? According to research conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, one of the most important reasons employees reported being satisfied with their employers is a “good work environment”.

In the independent white-collar world, the most inspirational geographies are those where individuals can feel comfortable and have some degree of autonomy. Today’s state-of-the-art coworking spaces guarantee a unique working environment with no bothersome interruptions. Professionals in a wide variety of fields choose these workstations for a variety of reasons. Rent outs are not interested in paying for conventional office space, and are instead enamored with coworking, for three reasons:

  1. Experts in aesthetics and comfort know that appearance matters!

We seem to always be amazed by fancy things and aesthetics! Interiors, decor, and spaces that evoke feelings of warmth, oomph, and comfort are no different. The very point of coworking spaces is to do just that. Apart from being well-furnished and equipped, WorkAvenue315, the coworking space in Bangalore is also aesthetically pleasing. Coworking workspaces should offer an aesthetic that is comfortable to professionals. They could be decorative wall paints, paintings, or ergonomic furniture that adds to the overall feel of the room. Appearance matters; it contributes to comfort, and it facilitates your work and growth. When it comes to productivity, your environment has a great deal to do with it, and this is where aesthetics come into play.

The appearances of coworking spaces are an essential aspect of the workspace environment, especially when modern interiors and decor are a major part of commercial real estate. Thus, let’s make the most of these workspaces by supporting our growth and productivity.

  1. Networking, community building, and the human factor!

People have this wonderful tendency to come up with new ideas after a conversation or a brainstorming session. When you co-work, you have the chance to interact with diverse people who come from different backgrounds and have different mindsets. The cool thing about WorkAvenue315, the shared office space in Bangalore is that you have the opportunity to meet more than 40 like-minded people, who are always sharing a common workspace with you.

A data analyst found out that only five months ago, the fashion blogger served as a data analyst herself! It was an instance of a seemingly small conversation between a data analyst and a fashion blogger. Sharing desks at co-working spaces brings nuance to a platform. Sometimes you’re inspired, and sometimes you’re just left wondering! It will also be easier for you to find and hire businesses if you are in a well-connected area in Bangalore since a coworking workspace acknowledges the interconnectedness of skills as an important factor.

  1. Keeping work hip makes it fun!

Clans have always been a comfortable place for humans, even before they learned to communicate. Our social needs are met when we are included! Moreover, an office space rent in Bangalore enables you to find your tribe, something that is often difficult or even impossible in conventional office spaces.

It is not possible to reach out to people who want to form a group and come together to achieve their goals by sitting at noisy coffee shops and your work desk in your living room. A person who pushes others to achieve the same, even if their paths diverge.

You can interact and become part of the larger system at a coworking space through social events. Without the beers, potlucks or foosball are activities that kill loneliness, add fun elements, and enable you to look forward to the next day. 

Wrap Up!

Come and see what WorkAvenue315 can do for you. Our coworking space can serve as a ladder to success. Take your pick as to where you want to work! Dedicated desks installed in an open plan can be as luxurious and comfortable as a private cabin. Your call!