The past two years have taken quite a lot from us, but we have learned a lot of things from it as well. We learned how to adapt to the new normal, how to stay sane in the most insane times, and whatnot. Last year we also learned how to work flexibly to produce the most efficient work. So, we’re all curious to see what changes the world will experience this year. Naturally, everyone is hoping for a successful 2022.

Every year we see new trends in the market. And 2022 has brought in new workplace trends. Let’s look at a few of them to keep ourselves updated.

  1. Hybrid Working but with a twist?

In 2021 it was seen that people were more inclined towards hybrid working instead of the usual 9-5. It also resulted in the productiveness of workers and efficiency of work. Most companies have also accepted remote work. So, we know hybrid working is not going anywhere.

However, though working from has been comfortable for most, disturbances come along with it. Especially in cities like Bangalore which are crowded. Hence, any coworking space in Bangalore is on its way to becoming popular again.

Coworking spaces are also suitable for the workers who have messed up their sleep schedule or would like to work on timings different than usual due to some events. Not only are coworking spaces flexible but they also bring different people together, so it becomes a social environment. Working in a shared office space in Bangalore is just like a dream come true for interaction deficient people. This is a trend we need to watch out for in our best interests.

  1. Well-being and Mental Health

The pandemic has been tough on everyone. It has taken a toll on the health of countless people, both physically and mentally. This affects the quality of their work just as much. Not to mention maintaining a work-life balance is also important. Every single employee is important personnel in the company. So, maintaining their well-being and mental health is just as important. And companies seemed to have understood this fact well. We will probably see a lot of companies taking good care of their employees and their mental health in the coming year. After all, good mental health means efficient work in return. And this is a trend going in the right direction for all.

  1. Employee Analytics

The past two years have brought a lot of changes and people have gotten a lot tardier about work than before. Therefore, a lot of employers have started to track the work of their employees which has got their employers worried. Being moved into a highly technology-dependent state, nothing is as private as before, after all. Tracking of work is also possible in such a world. It is a controversial move, but it is to make sure of efficiency in the employees’ work.

  1. AI workforce

AI has made life a lot easier for people over the years. We are already so dependent on technology. And it has been predicted that it will produce too many job opportunities to count. But the job roles of those working normal jobs would probably also change. It has already started with many shopping markets making use of robots as guides and cashiers instead of actual people. With such changes having already happened we see no reason not to believe there will soon be a large amount of workforce handed over to the AIs.

  1. Upskilling opportunities

Now that we live in such a digital world, everything comes at the click of our hands. And so, people learn a different set of skills just by sitting at home. And having these extra skills are giving people better employment opportunities. But it is similarly getting harder for companies to retain talented employees. Hence, we are expecting to see a rise in companies providing training and upskilling opportunities to hire and retain employees.

The Takeaway

New trends come every year and we say goodbye to the old ones. But the trend of coworking is here to stay for a good while. When the office space rent in Bangalore is so high, coworking being cost-effective is the best option. Check out Work Avenue 315 for aesthetic coworking spaces in Bangalore, made for your comfort.