When it comes to coworking spaces, it is basically acknowledged as shared office spaces. It is available for rent for different purposes by individuals or organizations. These spaces are available at a rent and prove to be very affordable for the ones who are looking for spaces for their freelancing services, small or medium-sized startups, even large-scale businesses and companies with over a thousand employees. This proves to be a perfect option for the ones who are looking for a flexible office leasing option.

Bangalore has been one of the most favorite destinations for businesses to grow and succeed as a hub. This is why businesses around are looking for coworking space in Bangalore so that they can benefit from it significantly. This has made businesses around the world to get adapted to different types of concepts related to shared office spaces.

If you are thinking about the same, then below mentioned are different types of spaces associated with the shared office space in Bangalore. Take a look:

Conventional Spacing:

When it comes to conventional coworking spaces in Bangalore, it is acknowledged to be one of the most common forms of coworking spaces for startups, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. It will help you have all the basic necessities covered to deliver excellent work in terms of productivity and approach. You will be benefited from high-speed Internet connections, air conditioning, office supplies, tea or coffee service, meeting rooms, and more. These activities are common and will be available with conventional shared office space in Bangalore.

Specialized Spacing:

Talking about this type of coworking space, you will be entertained with a business arena as per your specific needs. You will have a space that is specialized in delivering services on a specific niche. It will help the workers to deliver their projects without any flaws. A holistic approach will be followed all the way through. You can have a specialized shared office space in Bangalore that caters according to your requirements in every aspect. Right from the meeting to all the support facilities, you will be entertained with this type of spacing.

Fancy Coworking Space:

When it comes to fancy coworking spaces, it goes with the name. This type of working arena is furnished with all the latest amenities and facilities that will help you have your business set up in a modern ambiance. It will have modern fancy furniture, recreational hubs, food courts, and more. Space will have a lot more to offer that will make the stay a lot more engaging and will surely attract youngsters, freelancers, marketing companies. The primary objective of such spaces is to enhance scalability and productivity at the same time.

Corporate Coworking Spaces:

As the name suggests, these coworking spaces are generally taken into consideration by corporate organizations who are looking to have specifically sized cabins, dedicated office space, layouts, and various aspects according to their business needs. These office spaces offer excellent flexibility to help corporate companies expand and grow in different locations. It focuses more on productivity by providing the best possible facilities and services.


So, these are a few of the different types of shared office spaces available. If you are looking for a specific type of coworking office space in Bangalore, you can always consider connecting with 315 Work Avenue. We will help you have your office space just the way you want. Get connected now!