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Coworking is the buzz word today and the trend seems to be catching strongly with the masses rapidly. However, things were not the same earlier and professionals just got along with the traditional system.

Software engineer Brad Neuberg pioneered the new system by shaping the coworking culture. Though Neuberg is credited with the opening of first true shared office space, C-base – founded in Berlin in 1995, is considered to be a forerunner.

Coming back to the real system, Neuberg designed the coworking space in 2005 when he was going through a rough patch financially. Frustrated with the work in a startup, he imagined a new way that blended the feeling of independence and freedom of working with a community feel and a system of working with other professionals.

A life coach assisted Neuberg and the two prepared a plan that comprised the structure and the community culture Neuberg wanted. The idea of coworking took a proper shape at this very moment.

  • The debut of coworking space
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    Apparently, San Francisco is attributed with having the first coworking space, situated in the walls of Spiral Muse. Neuberg pitched the idea to his friends at Spiral Muse. Elana Auerbach, one of the friends, allowed Neuberg to use the space at Spiral Muse twice a week for $300 a month, any amount that exceeded the number was the profit.

    Neuberg’s father funded for rents in the initial stage and the San Francisco Coworking Space came into existence officially. Ray Baxter was the first official co-worker, who was a startup developer, and an athlete.

  • The next step
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    After experimenting for a year at Spiral Muse, Neuberg shifted to the Hat Factory – The first full-time coworking space in the world. Needless to say, the idea was a hit and there was a demand for the system.

    The year 2005 was massive for the new system. More independent spaces decided to step in and believed the concept was here to stay. Angel Station in London housed the very first Hub, which has now become a huge franchise. Similarly, St. Oberholz in Germany became one of the first cafes to have free internet access to encourage the coworking concept.

  • The trend grabs the attention
  • Naturally, the success of Neuberg’s concept caught the attention all over and sparked the revolution that changed the way professionals worked. Brooklyn Coworking – New York City’s first coworking started its services in 2006. Jelly which encouraged remote workers to gather at one place also came into existence in the same year.

    In 2009, the Global Coworking Unconference Conference was established which is the authority in the coworking industry. By 2012, the industry had over 2000 spaces in the world which projected it as a global trend.

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