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The outbreak of COVID-19 has created havoc across industries and the coworking industry is no exemption. Naturally, the industry is expected to make some changes to meet new specific demands of occupants that can arise due to the situation.

Take a look at the possible trends in coworking sector that could have a major say during/ post lockdown:

  • More focus on hygiene
  • The hygiene factor will be dealt with seriously than ever before. It could be the first thing that prospective client would look before anything else. Cleanliness and sanitizing the site on a regular interval will take precedence over most of the factors. Constant cleaning of high-frequency touchpoints, providing masks and hand sanitizer and maintaining enough distance between desks can all be a part of the new system.

  • Customer-centric
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub

    Maintaining or increasing the occupancy rate in coworking spaces will be a difficult task as most of the smaller companies are finding Work from home system as a feasible option as a more feasible option. To convince the prospects, coworking spaces need to come up with more offers and benefits that encourage clients to move in. Schemes like waiving off deposits, increasing the duration of the free trial, and flexible contractual deals can be a driving force to the customers.

  • Meeting demands for specific professional offices
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub

    The demand for specific professional offices is another trend that could be at the forefront. Apart from the usual amenities and setting, coworking spaces can look to facilitate specific requirements and offer more profession-centric utilities like software-diallers and CRM, hardware, dedicated PRI lines and servers among others.

  • Digital offerings
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub

    Coworking spaces focus on community building and conduct various events to consolidate the bond. The community concept can be utilised now by providing digital offerings to clients. Virtual office set up can keep people together while working from home. Even online tasks and activities can be a great way to keep customers engaged.

  • Offer more value
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub

    Coworking spaces will be offering more value to clients in any which way possible. Be it the discounts, flexible payment options and contracts, dedicated medical team at the site and so on. Giving an option of decreasing or increasing the number of employees in a company serves as a good deal to start-ups which hire and fire based on their needs.

  • Summary
  • Bangalore Coworking Hub

    Like most of the industries, Coworking sector will also deal with the impact of COVID-19 in the coming days. Maybe, new trends, incentives and systems will be in the spotlight to motivate clients to move in.Having said that coworking system has to be at its best to overcome the hurdle in the near future!!

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