Ever thought of what how much time you spend on running the office rather than running the business?

A study says the senior management if not planned well would end up spending 20% of his or her time in running the office rather than running the business. When we say “running the office” we mean, the services one has to provide to keep the people and the office going, like visitor management system, housekeeping, cafeteria, events etc.


  • Only brand that can provide ISO certification for health and safety
  • 315Work Avenue is the only fully serviced workspace provider that follows ISO standards of health and safety. This is true to our core value where we put our clients first.

  • Multiple location
  • We have close to 11 centers in less than 2 years and still counting, we are present in almost all the prominent locations of key cities making it accessible to everyone and allowing them the flexibility of having offices either in one or multiple locations.

  • 360 degree services
  • Our clients have the benefit of focusing on work and only work…. Everything else from housekeeping, endless supply of tea/coffee, IT enables services like – VMS, conference room, cafeteria and many more.

  • Custom crafted spaces
  • At 315WA, you have the flexibility of either designing your own space or choosing from the design we craft based on the client’s requirement. When we offer a space to our clients we make sure the place is planned and executed as per their needs and the requirements. We have the experience of building office space for research centers to spaces for corporates and training centers.

  • Value adds
    • Events & community building
    • Networking
    • Greycell
    • ITES
    • Access to funding

    As part of our offers we cover a gamut of things, like events designed for traditional and nontraditional holidays, team building activities, networking events and easy access to funding in case you are looking for one.

    Finally, it is easy to say that when you tie up with 315Work Avenue, you not only get a space to work but also the confidence of “the everything experience. “

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